$$ Realtors can make YOU money. $$

PL Ellis

When most people get involved with buying and selling Real Estate it is a common misconception that they will profit far better if they do not use a Realtor. After having actively been involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage business for over 35 years, my experience has taught me this is categorically untrue.

I always use a Realtor when I am buying or selling property because when I am buying, generally, the seller is paying the commission and I bid low enough on the property so that when I sell and have to pay a commission, I will still make money (it‘s just the cost of doing business).

While it seems commonplace for most of the TV guru’s to tell you to search out "by owners" to buy property from, I have run across these problems in trying to do that over the years.

1.0 Sellers are generally not educated as to the true value of their property and want more than it is really worth. This makes them very hard to negotiate with. Regardless of how unorthodox an offer you may make on a property, remember, the Realtor is presenting the offer and doing the negotiations for you. No one is going to throw a sugar dish at your head.                                   



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